Apple Restore Syncthing to new device

I am replacing one of my apple computers with a new one and will be restoring a TimeMachine backup to my new computer.

Do I need to do anything special with my Syncthing configuration after restoring?

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Assuming Time Machine does what it’s supposed to, and that you are indeed replacing the machine (the old and new are not online at the same time, at least not running Syncthing), then this sounds fine.

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After restoring from old computer’s TimeMachine backup to new computer, I want to use both machines, but in Syncthing, they have the same computer name in its configuration. Is there a way to rename the new computer’s Device name or is it best if I remove Syncthing and reinstall?

Yeah, that’s what I was getting at. What you should do, on the new computer, is delete cert.pem and key.pem in ~/Library/Application Support/Syncthing, then restart Syncthing. Those two files make up the device ID – your Syncthing instance will then get a new ID, but retain all other config. You’ll need to accept the new ID on the other computers.

I did what you indicated and it appeared that it solved my issue, but this morning, when I attempt to open a file using Excel (and Word) that is in a directory that is being sync’d with another computer, Excel indicates that it cannot open the file and that the file is either deleted or not accessible.

Is there a way to perform a reset on all my syncing devices without setting up again, like you mentioned in your previous response?

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