App not triggering sync when deleting content

I’ve been trying ST out on my Android devices together with Windows computers and it seems that when you delete something from an Android device it doesn’t trigger a sync. I have to make a change on one of the Windows computers to make the Android device sync the deleted changes. Is this by design?

No this shouldn’t happen (if I understand you right). Does the file count/folder size change on the Android side after you delete something?

Yes, file count/folder size does change on the Android device when I delete something on the device.

Just to clarify: Content added in a synced folder on an Android device syncs over to the PC Content added in a synced folder on the PC syncs over to the Android device Delete content in a synced folder on a PC deletes the folder on the Android device Delete content in a synced folder on an Android device does not delete the folder on the PC

@Nutomic inotify borked?

He says the file count/folder size changes, so it seems to be a problem with syncthing.

I just now tried the same thing but this time I went into the Web GUI on the Android device and hit Rescan for that sync folder. It then recognized that there was deleted content and synced to the PC. So it seems that it’s not triggering the sync.

Do you need anything from me to troubleshoot?

adb logcat FolderObserver:V *:W could be helpful (from app start).

@Zillode found the problem:

Great news!

It says ‘Notify Syncthing when folders are deleted’… just to be clear, it’s not just a problem with folders, it’s also files.

It fixes both :wink:


Sounds good. Thanks!

I noticed that the issue has been closed but after the last app update it’s still not working as it should.

I think this is related to There will be an update next friday/saturday.

Works great after the last update. Great work guys!