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Good day everyone,

I have, as can be read in my other post, some issues with the GUI and want to move to the API to use this to add pending folders and devices etc. However, I am at a total loss on how I’m supposed to do this.

For example, I have a folder pending on a device, and I can see it under pending folder when doing the following GET-call:


However, if I try to do the following GET-call, I only get a 404:


Now, everywhere I read regarding the API, it says to send pretty much the same info as a GET-call, but instead use POST/PUT/PATCH, however since I get a 404, it is incredibly hard to understand how I should go on about adding the folder to “syncing folders” instead of pending folders.

The same goes for adding a pending device to the list of active devices.

Basically what I want to do is the following:

Add device, change IP to tcp://X.X.X.X:22000, change Name/Label to the name I want for the device.

After this, I want to do:

Add pending folders, change Label and Path to whatever they should be and change “Minimum disk free” to 10GB as well as on some folders change Send/Receive to e.g. Send Only or Receive only.

Can someone help me understanding the API or point me somewhere where there are a tutorial or whatever to how the API should be used, as I can’t grasp it really from the official docs.

Thanks in advance

You’re getting a 404 because you’re trying to get a folder that doesn’t exist. You can grab another one that actually exists, to see what the proper format is.

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