Any hope of / plan for a Mac/OSX native application like on Linux?

The reason we ask is that so far most our second try frustrations are (1) now exclusive to Macs and (2) the overuse of web interfaces these days. Using a browser is not always secure, and from immediate experience, it hasn’t produced the same results (successes) as with the application in Linux.

We are uncertain why, but that is where we are. Regardless that steps were duplicated from the former to the later, not one Mac on our network will connect and sync. ST is the only problem in that area, since the Macs connect and operated on the network in all other ways.

Any advice as to what to look at in solving connection issues specific to a Mac?

syncthing-gtk runs on all platforms as far as I am aware. There is also a bunch of tray icons and other wrappers for OS X, just read the community contributions section in the docs

Check out the OS X and Cross-platform alternatives here:

I am on OS X, have not tried any of them as the Syncthing binary have caused me no issues, but I believe at least three of them should run fine on OS X.

A more fancy GUI probably will not solve your connection issues though.

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Thank you all for the replies, but it turns out there are still other problems to address first. Even on two different linux installs, ST fails to load on boot up and crashes throughout the day. Hopefully usage data submitted automatically will help out the development team; but us, it is time to go back to other stable options.

That is unfortunate and hard to understand, because i never experienced any stability issues. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ähm, Where did you supply the crash reports? I did not see many issues on GitHub for crashes recently.

Do you mean the “Usage report” you can select in the GUI?

There is no data submitted automatically.

Perhaps usage report is correct. Have not had time to look deeper; another busy business day. I may see what can be done by staff if someone has time later.