Another large file sync problem

I have syncthing set up with 8 nodes, Windows Vista,7,10, Linux Mint 17.2 32/63bit. Some are local, some remote. Not all nodes hold all folders. Not all are available all the time. All in all about ~58000 files in total ~260GB. All worked well. Recently I added another local node, Linux Mint 32bit on an old P4 with 1,5GB memory. It has a 3TB drive and I wanted to use it as data storage. (yep, I know, syncthing is not for backups…) I added one more folder that contains only 9 but very large files, up to 22GB each. Syncthing starts and after a while shows the node that would receive those big files as disconnected. A restart of Syncthing is not possible, it hangs. Could it be that it chews on the large file and can’t be interrupted? Could it be the old P4 is too slow? (Single thread hash performance is ~45 MB/s)

Regards Michael

P.S. And many thanks for that wonderful tool!

P.P.S. The folder in question is named # and the folder ID is # as well. Problem?

in addition share request look like this on the new node…

The machine is probably just struggling to perform the initial scan on such an ancient cpu. Once it completes it should settle.

Maybe… I removed that one folder for now and started with more “normal” folders (like pictures, mp3, medium sizes, reasonable quantities) That worked so far. ~22000 items with ~129GB in sync.

Will start the “Big one” later again.

I know this is an old box and I thought about getting a new mintbox, but that would cost money and the old HP holds a 500GB and a 3TB SATA disk, so no separate housing needed. My home LAN runs EOP/Powerline, throughput is only 50mbit/s, so that fits and matches my ISP line as well :wink:

I just added the folder again to my source node (faster box, over 169MB/s hashing) It sat there stating “unshared” for that folder and reported 6 items for a few minutes. Later it went to 26 items. No indication that is was chewing on the large files, except high cpu usage.

It looks like an ‘Unshared’ state my override ‘Scanning’. If you actually share the folder with another device, you should see the state move to ‘Scanning’.

I removed and add all folders again, one by one, giving them time to hash and sync. All ok now. Thanks

Windows Vista. You will have a lot more joy when that is no longer part of your group. I used to have a 1970 Triumph TR6 and some reason, my 2015 Prius seems to perform better and faster. : )

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