Announce Server not yet working on Android?

My Android S4 syncs on my home LAN just fine using numerical local ip’s, but it has never been able to connect to the Announce Server from any network. Meanwhile, my Windows laptops do connect to the Announce Server. According to this thread, non-dynamic addresses weren’t working as of last November. I presume that includes the dynamic address for the Announce Server. That was four months ago. Any idea when this will be fixed in go?

Can you check the address is set to? It has been working for a while now, you just need to make sure it’s an IP rather than a hostname

It’s set to udp4://, which works on my Windows laptops, but no on my S4.

Android does not support DNS resolution (to be fixed by Go devs in May), hence you have to use the IP rather than the hostname:


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Weird, that address should be replaced by IP automatically on first start. No idea why it wasn’t.

Upon the new installation, it pre-filled in both udp4:// and udp6://

Ah so it sets two addresses, of course that breaks stuff.

I made an issue, #231.