Android: syncthing intents no longer working? 1.22.2-rc.3

currently using 1.22.2-rc.3 on Android 13 on a Pixel 7 Pro. not exactly sure when this started happening, but can confirm that this specific version the intent to START and STOP syncthing does not seem to be working, at least not on my device. can anyone confirm?

Would be great if you could test with an earlier version. 1.22.2-rc.3 is the first to target API level 31, which might have an influence. Also I am not even aware of this functionality - what exactly are you doing to start/stop?

I have been using com.nutomic.syncthingandroid.action.START and the STOP to have the Tasker app to turn on syncthing at a specific time of day and then turn it off at a specified time. would restoring version 1.22.2-rc.1, the only version I still have access to, be good enough to test with? in addition, would I be able to simply swap out the app versions without it conflicting with any possible database/configuration changes?

Cool thanks, found those START/STOP intents. And I think I know what the problem is. I’ll release a new RC.

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Ok, released (probably takes a moment to come up in the play store). Please let me know if you still have problems after the upgrade.

And many thanks for using the RCs and reporting the problem - that allowed us to fix this issue before it was fully released to everyone (well lets hope it’s fixed :slight_smile: ).


success! update fixed the issue! many thanks to you for the speed response and action to fix this!


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