Android : Share when offline

Android application has a great “share” feature. You can share a file to syncthing and it allows you to move that shared file to a sych folder so that it can be easily syched. Great thinking!

However android app has a nasty habit of refusing to “open” when its not synching under given circumstances. Eg. if you allow app to sych only when you are on wifi, you can’t open the app when you are not on wifi. (It gives you an error message and asks you to EXIT or change run conditions). Hence you can’t “share” a file as well under these circumstances.

Don’t you think it would be great if app would “open” (or at least allow sharing) even when synch conditions are not met so that we can access web gui or at least share a file for future?

If the condidtions aren’t met, the “real” Synching isn’t running, so there is no Api or web UI to open, and the app would need to cache the config to be able to let you choose a target directory.

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