Android on Chromebook not connecting to anyone

Asus C302 used to connect but now it’s not. It can’t find its Introducer (on Fedora 28), nor can the introducer find the Android on Chromebook. Other device in the family are fine…just not this Android on Chromeboook.

There are plenty of other threads which talk how to debug this. Try using the search first, and if what you find does not help, give us a shout.

You could try to run the native syncthing using the developer mode and/ or crouton because Android Apps are extra isolated which could cause problems.

I’m not seeing anything in the forums or the Docs about debugging the Andriod app, Audrius. What posts are you thinking of?

Native syncthing? Is there a native Chromebook App somewhere, Jonas?

It doesn’t really matter. Android has a web ui that is exactly the same as the desktop version, which means any post talking how to debug connectivity issues is sufficient.

No native Chrome App. You could use and install the syncthing package within it.

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