Android does not find any other client

Hi, I have two Win PCs and a Linux Server with Syncthing in a LAN and everthing works fine. Now i wanted to add my mobile (Sony experia z3) with a sync of its pictures to this.

But the app does not connect to any of those three (should only be the server but tried the others). I have only the statement “getrennt” (not connected) on the display. Even if I enter the IP address and port nothing would change.

Is there anything that I need to set up on the android device to make this work? Or my (Fritz-Box)-router?

(and sorry I am really not much in those stuff - so please excuse this potentially dumb question)

thanks Vic

There is protocol incompatibility between syncthing 0.12 (which is used in current Android version) and 0.11 which you probably use in the other devices. If that is the case then you should update your other devices or find an older version to install under android (which is not recommended).

Done it and it works - thanks

BUT now Android claims a “Fehler 100%” (error) at the directory screen. Where can I follow on this? or what can I do?

Thanks Vic

Just start a new topic. But provide a more detailed info next time - app versions, config options, when and if it worked before, what did you changed, what did you expected to happen and what actually did…