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Looking to move away from Dropbox/gdrive towards something inside the home, SyncThing looks like the way to go. It’ll save me some cash, and I’m definitely willing to donate some of those savings towards the projects.

For all my usecases it’s perfect, except… android.

Seeing as I regularly need files from the shared storage, but I have nowhere enough space on my phone (16g and no SD support - Nex5 - vs 150gb repo of files), I was looking if there’s a way to browse the available files and only download those required.

As far as I was able to see, this isn’t possible, atleast not with the official client. Is it a possibility with Silk? Is it even already possible with syncthing on the whole, and is the only thing missing a frontend thing (because there I can jump in and help out)

Thanks in advance.

You are right, this isn’t possible at the moment and AFAIK neither with the silk client.

Someone suggested a “trick” by creating a folder index inside a file (e.g. ls -R > index.lst or dir /b /s > index.lst) and ignore all files except that on android by putting the following inside the .stignore file:


You then can “browse” by looking inside the file and add each file you want to the .stignore file with a leading !.

Another alternative would be to use Syncthing only for the “non-mobile” devices and something like owncloud for android.

We are currently gathering the requirements for a new ignore system, which could in the end be what you are looking for:

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I see. Less than ideal, but I guess I could work around it for the time being.

(no way I can get that sold to my gf, unfortunately)

Syncthing-Android issue: