Android arm64, version 0.14.19 loses connection and breaks sync

That seems to be the opposite problem of everyone else, though.

v0.14.19 “Linux (AMD64)” has no problems like this. I use it on my server and desktop since it was released.

@keep_flying did you try to set the rate limit in the android wrapper or the web ui. As you probably also have to enable the advanced setting, you need to use the web ui anyway.

Yeah. Since AMD64 seems sane, I’m wondering if our ARM64 build is good or bad. If bad, I guess something in the ARM64 build of the rate limiting package is bad. If good, I expect it’s something in the Android build process that breaks it. I think it’s possible to replace the file in the app with the Syncthing binary from our download linked above.

Something non-Android ARM64 would be interesting too, I guess.

You need to have root to replace the binary, which I don’t have. No 64Bit ARM device here either (the RPi2 was still 32Bit).

There is another thread with complaints about RPI3 which is arm64

Can confirm version 16 is still working fine on my Note 10.1 I get the same problem trying to set a rate limit on the note, immediately crashes.

Do you have a crash log?

Fascinating. The (new) rate limiting package ( is literally 200 lines of simple, clean code - no funny business. I wonder if there is a float bug in the compiler on arm64 or something. This and the percentage calculations are essentially the only places we use floats…

Just compiled with v0.14.18, and it works fine in the exact same scenario. Will release a new version with that until the issue is fixed.

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v0.14.18 has a slow weakhash. I don’t know if this really impacts performance on Android devices, though.

Which compiler are you building with? Latest 1.7 or 1.8 RC?

Go 1.7.3 (you should get the exact same binary if you run the build from the Android repo).

Just curious. “Our” 0.14.19 is built with 1.8beta2, and the build servers currently have 1.8rc2. But that rules out something broken in the 1.8 release at least. Odd.

I sent a log report from the crash notification

Just for clarity all of my android installs are from the play store

It seems to be not Android specific, but generally ARM64.

Same problem on pine64:

yep your right, by using the settings in the web GUI it accepts the limit and all is well again. Happy days

If you upgraded to the latest Android App version, you don’t need to set the limit. That version reverted back to 0.14.18 (which doesn’t have the issue) and fixed the rate limit setting inside the app. I did’t upgrade so far, as the workaround work good for me and the 0.14.19 had some improvements, so there is no benefit in upgrading.

OK thanks, I didn’t notice. My nexus had updated automatically but the Huawei hadn’t yet so the rate limit fixed it. Have just asked it to do the play store updates so should all be sorted in a few mins. Thanks to all working on this for your very helpful and friendly support.

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