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I have configured the android DCIM folder that syncthing would sync it to my NAS. It worked but now I have a problem that the syncthing that is in android wants to delete local new pictures. I already lost one vacation day pictures and then I activated the File Versioning that this problem would not occur. So my pictures should be safe.

My perfect setup would work like that: I make photo, the photo goes to NAS via syncthing. Then photo is synced to my PC and laptop. When I delete the photo from either of the devices the photo would be deleted from every device.

How could I debug this what has gone wrong?



What folder type did you set for DCIM. It should be sendReceive for this scenario. If you can set it like this depends on Android OS capabilities.

Maybe you could post Screenshots of your setup here?

Hello here is my phone setup and NAS setup:

Screenshot from 2020-04-15 17-28-17

Strange, I don’t see anything special that could be wrong. What does the Android web UI show for the camera folder? Is there an exact message, button or event displayed?

Thanks! I cleaned all up and made new folder. Hope it works.

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