Am I crazy or is syncing to SD card working in Android 11?

I have an Android 11 device with an SD card (also a Galaxy S10e). Similar to Nummer378, the app has the permission “Allow management of all files”, and I was able to grant it access to a folder on the SD card.

For me, as I posted here, scanning is very slow for files on the SD card since upgrading to Android 11. It is still pretty quick for the phone’s internal storage.

Is the slow scan on SD cards likely to be something we’re stuck with?

And to answer this, yes it does, but it’s usually resolved by clicking Revert Local Changes.

I can confirm ST working as expected (from my humble POV) with a stock Samsung Galaxy S10, Android 11.

I can sync from/to folders, I created on the SD card (outside of Android/), including DCIM.

It sucks my battery, but the great pleasure to finally manage the external DCIM folder from my desktop hugely excels the downsides.

One of the folders is 52 GB in size.

Guys, I cannot express my feelings about that, but thank you very much for the impressive amount of obstinacy to get here.

ST finally arrived on my mobile!

I crave for keeping this state. Do you hear us, Google?


I configured it to run only when connected to the charger. Otherwise i start in demad. Pretty happy with that.

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I linked the ST sync operations with the local Wifi cell and been pretty happy with it!

Recently upgraded my Samsung A40 to Android 11, and recreated the synced folders on my SD card. It works, but I get a lot more sync conflicts than before. Any way to fix this? Would moving the folder to internal storage help?