Always on syncthing instance provider?

I have 2 machines with syncthing not always on. What is the best cloud provider to choose to have always on machine with syncthing installed and some encryption?

I was thinking about getting a third-party hosted server too, but I want something that is secure. Unfortunately I don’t see any solution:

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Hopefully file encryption will be implemented in the near future. Until then maybe you can setup a Raspberry Pi for your syncthing needs.

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Will watch file encryption thread. Will make me migrating from Seafile into some Syncthing service which I will pay for.

Update: May be Resilio Sync have such feature, but I will never buy it ans it is closed source.

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I am willing to put 200€ as bounty for the encryption feature.

You are not the only one with that sentiment: Bountysource

Unfortunately it isn’t easy :wink:


Thanks for that, I will add mine!