already have some folder data -- how to download only diffs on first sync?

When i’m starting to sync folder from other node and already have a portion of folder data (for example, some kind of folder’s “older state”) on this station, can i use it to minimize first-time sync traffic?

If the files are the same if will happen automatically, if they are different, you’ll get a bunch of conflicts which you will have to resolve by hand.

You could also put the older state folder in a separate location and add it as a unshared repository to your syncthing configuration. Since Syncthing will find any identical files /blocks across repos, it won’t retransmit these files. This way you won’t have any conflicts and can safely remove the old folder once the initial sync is done…


Wow, great! If Syncthing can recognize identical blocks across repositories, it will be a solution for me. So will it copy identical blocks locally from one folder to another?

Thank you, I’ll try.


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