Allow source folder to map to many local destination folders

Is it possible to allow adding the same folder ID to different local paths? Maybe this could be supported by allowing multiple folder instances (i.e. with the same Folder ID), or by specifying a comma-delimited list of paths in the Folder Path input of the respective folder instance?

I know this seems like a strange use-case. The reason we want to do this is partly because we want to maintain a minimal set of Syncthing instances. Many of the machines at our office are running a very old version of Windows XP, and we don’t have administrator rights to these machines. However there are other modern servers that have access to Windows shares on these old computers. So we would like to have the modern server replicate to these machines through the network shares.

Currently, no. If I understand you correctly that would mean that Syncthing would need to sync files between the various local directories that make up a single folder, which is not something we do. Nor plan to do.

Ok that’s too bad. But thanks for the prompt response.

Excellent product, keep up the good work!

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