All kinds of problems running syncthing on MacOSX and Android

I installed 10.30 on two macs and my android phone (oneplus running CM11S). My goal is to sync my laptop and phone to my home laptop. I added the devices IDs and shared the the /sdcard/emulated/0 on the phone and /Users/tim on my laptop with my “desktop”.

Here are the problems I am having.

The android version can’t seem to send any data to the desktop. They can kind of see each other but can’t seem to exchange data.

The machines can’t find each other unless they are in the same LAN.

The OSX machines can’t open up a upnp.

The laptop can send data to the desktop but after three hours of attempting sync (at 300% CPU usage!) it was only able to transmit about 10 MEGS of data (not gigs, megs!).

My home directory is roughly 100 Gigs in size. After a few hours of trying to sync the files I finally turned off the desktop syncthing to stop it racing the fans. At that point the scanning of the desktop home folder was saying the global state was as about 30 Gigs. I ran the desktop for another hour or so and the global state got up to 46 gigs. At this rate it’s going to take the whole day just to scan my desktop and I don’t know if my CPU can stand being raced that high for that long.

Any help would be appreciated, I really want to make this work.

Apologies if I read this wrong, but you aren’t trying to sync your entire OS X Home directory, are you?

Try the beta, or switch off the web ui while syncing.

What version of Android are you running? The reason I ask is if it’s KitKat, by default you can’t just write to any directory on the SD Card. To fix it, you have to root your phone and modify the SD card configuration.

Yes I am (with some exceptions). Normally I use rsync for this and it works fine, I thought It would be nice to sync automatically even when I am not at home.

Turning off the web UI does reduce the CPU load (weird). I’ll try the beta tonight and see if it will help.

I am using cyanogen 11s on the oneplus, it’s based on kitkat. I don’t want to write to the sdcard necessarily, I want to back it up.

Having said that in the future it would be nice to be able to write to it so I can for example delete the pictures from my laptop and have that change propagate to the phone.

Syncthing is not backup, remember that. If one of your backups nodes deletes all files, so will other nodes.

I do that kind of myself: I sync my phone pictures with syncthing to my laptop and then on my laptop I move them out of the syncthing folder and place them in my photo album directory. Offcourse the photos will be then deleted on the phone, but that’s on purpose to make room for new photos…Works nicely (knock knock on wood :wink: ) I am running a kitkat version as well (carbon rom) on a Nexus 4