Alias/nickname for folders/repo


An idea that some could find nice. Usage case : Alice & Bob share a folder. Alice directs the folder ID e.g. to ~/ST/Bob/, when Bob redirects it to ~Documents/SyncStuff/Alice. All fine, both are free to do what they want. Although, when we look the folder column in the GUI, some may find nice to give a personal pseudo to the share in the same way we can do when adding a new machine. So that we could have some kind of sort-by-name-we-want folders column. Currently the column is only sorted by name according to the ID the share creator decided: this end in random order, e.g.





exists in v0.13 :wink: there is a label that can be different on all devices and and ID which is the same for all.

Shame on me ! I didn’t try v0.13. Great discussion in your link wweich. I love reading devs speaking both about technical side and care with anticipated GUI user’s experience.