After thinking about it, I still hope you can add the function of not having to confirm the consent link.

Although I have had this request before and was rejected due to security issues, I really cannot find a better software to share my large number of files. Building a web server, the traffic is simply too high. And I have to add files frequently, so downloading BT is not suitable at all. After all, the entire folder has 700GB. It is impossible to add a few files and have someone else download them again. Moreover, the downloading environment for BT in China is very harsh, and there is a phenomenon of banning BT. I don’t know if IPFS is also blocked in China, so it cannot be used. If it is indeed a security issue, can you add a function that does not require link confirmation and separate it from the original function module that requires link confirmation?

The best way to do this is by an API integration. Wait for “device rejected” events, and when you get one you add the new device to the config. Boom, automatically accepted devices. I have a daemon that does this, but it’s currently not open source. It’s not a lot of code, though.

You seem to be a synching staff member, and there are no other official personnel answering me. I wonder if you can add my request to the future functional process of the software?

No, because I genuinely think this is a feature Syncthing should not have. There are specific scenarios where it makes sense, and they are all enterprisey company-internal things where a little API integration is the correct answer.

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