After install. What is source and target folder ?

I just installed for the first time. Where can I set source and target folder?

Is default folder source in browser GUI ?

In my opinion naming could be more clear!

Regards Roland Bengtsson

Syncthing is bidirectional, so there is no source and target. Did you read the intro docs?

In addition, it works between several devices. So on each device you only select one folder (additional, independent shared folders are possible) to share with the other devices. You cannot sync between two folders on the same device locally using Syncthing. Maybe that’s what you meant with source and target?

Thanks for answer. My goal is to copy from a remote server to a locale folder on my computer. Only one direction.

So must I install syncthing on remote server? Can I configure syncthing to only sync in one direction?

Regards Roland

Yes, each device needs to have Syncthing installed.

If you want to protect a folder on one device from changes by the others, you can set the folder to “send only”. If other devices than add, change or delete files, those changes are not accepted and you can force your state on the other devices by clicking the “override changes” button in the gui.

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