After Auto Update To New Stable Release v1.14.0 Sync very slow

After Auto Update to New Stable Release v1.14.0 sync file very slow. Before use v1.14.0 sync speed can up to 30mb to 40mb, but after update sync file speed just 1mb to 2mb only. Please advise? It is bug for v.1.14.0? All branch office syncthing computer back to HQ office server, All branch computer have message of "Could not connect to relay:; which is the IP address that i doesn’t recognize it. But HQ office syncthing server doesn’t have error message of “Could not connect relay”. I did perform the speed test for all branch office and HQ office right from the computer and server itself was expected result and fast.Please help.

Did you configure your firewall so that direct connections are possible?

Yes, it work. Why before that doesn’t need do port forward also can sync very fast?

I’d suspect that it was able to get a decent relay. But relay servers are ment as a workaround and last resort. You don’t have any bandwidth guarantees in that case.

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