Advanced section in Folder edit, suggestion for change

Just a little suggestion…

“File permission bits are ignored when looking for changes. Use on FAT file systems.”

I would add “…and NTFS…” because my experience is that Syncthing in Linux won’t sync properly a NTFS directory until “Ignore Permissions” is checked.

That’s because the NTFS driver for Linux has no real support for NTFS permissions. So it would be " … and NTFS on Linux …". But everyone using NTFS on Linux should know about the issues NTFS has on Linux, so IMHO there is no point in explicitly mentioning it in Syncthing.

That’s pretty geeky point of view, I’m talking about the usability on the regular user’s side… Still I think something should be done.

If you feel like something should be done, file a pull request with the change you feel should be done.

I agree with wweich here. NTFS does everything we require of it* in Windows. NTFS-under-Linux limitations are not NTFS limitations, they are the Linux NTFS driver limitations. We shouldn’t give driver specific advice in the cross platform GUI.

*) Which is on the other hand very little, as we essentially only support the read-only bit on Windows.

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