Additional option for master folders

just wondered if there is a way not to delete files on a not master node, when deleting them on the master. background idea: I’m “pushing” my smartphone-camera pics to some other devices in my network. The folder “DCIM” is master. the current behaviour is that, if a file gets deleted on the master it gets deleted on the nodes to. But what if the non master node would collect all files instead of deleting them too?

Indeed there is.


closed :slight_smile:

hold on: could this be a option for the regular options / not advanced?

It could be. The reason it’s among the advanced settings is that it can get severely confusing to interpret what out of sync and in sync actually means, even more so if you do this in both directions. In other words, it’s a footgun.

I thought the idea was a mirror sync like rsync so the photoes would be deleted off of the other devices as well as the master if you removed them from the master.

That is how it works if you disable master feature.