Adding value to Syncthing

I’m a new user to Syncthing having previously been using a combination of Alwaysync and Rsync. I like Syncthing because of the consistent interface. I am a little diappointed about how much resources it consumes at times but I guess this will improve with time.

One of the big issues about synchronising between many devices is understanding what is where.

Given the ubiquitous interface of Syncthing it would be great to have a kinf of ‘Auditor’ mode that is like a file explorer, but which could show you where replicas of files are kept and what previous versions if any are being maintained and under what rules.

If something like this is already available as an add-on please point me in the right direction.

Just ssh+ls

A trite and unhelpful response.

How does ls know what rules have been set for ignoring files or what retention policies are in place or if a file is conflicted?

I would like an addon, like a file explorer, where I could click on a file in a left hand pane and then be told in the right hand pane where it is synchronised to, what retention policies are in place, what potential conflicts are etc etc.

This is a deficiency in all of the synchronisation Apps I’ve used in the past and Syncthing is the only one where I see an infastructure that might be able to give me the overview I want.

This reminds me of an old forum thread - which generated some interesting ideas, but not enough mass for it to materialize. Your wish list is more ambitious than mine was:

If a file has conflicted, the conflict ends up on all machines, if a folder is shared with a device, you can gauge which files it has by looking at completion percentage. If it’s not a 100%, you can’t tell if the file failed or was just ignored, because devices do not know each others ignore lists due to privacy.

Not sure what do you mean by retention policies…

Yeah, sure it sounds like a viable feature. Not sure of its usefulness, as I think it’s fairly trivial to work this out now via other means without having to wedge something in to syncthing, but sure, it’s a viable feature. Now you just need someone to implement it, yet given we struggle with basic things such as a browse button, I would’nt keep your hopes up, unless ofcourse you are willing to implement it yourself.

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