Adding a !ignore (dir) item in local device deletes dir on remote and shows 95% 0B

I store my pictures on device A in a r/w folder.

I edit them in selected subdirs on device B.

I used to sync all fine the selected subdirs this way (until the following issue arose in 0.14.46-rc1):

Device A: no ignores

Device B ignores sample:

!201508 05-23 Holidays
!201511 08 Some place
!201506 06 Other*
!201008 Elsewhere

Tonight I added the line !201008 Elsewhere. Within seconds, subdir 201008 Elsewhere was deleted from within 2010 on A. B shows 1 item (2010) syncing 95% 0B at device A level. 2010 was not even created on B, and B shows matching Out of Sync at folder level (1 failed item 2010 not empty - in A my other subdirs in 2010 are still there). I could restore thanks to .stversions on A

I just reproduced this - it would be nice if you could open an issue on github. Otherwise I will do it, but first I want to find out how it happens. I opened an issue:

@calmh @AudriusButkevicius This is 99.9% introduced in 0.14.46-rc1, so blocks that release.

Thank you Simon. The speed of this team is amazing !

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