Accessing the apt .deb repository - Error 404

I’m trying to find the current and past .deb packages, but when I go to ( or /testing ) I get an error “404 Not Found”.

Ditto if I try for what should be the hardware-specific url “”. Error 404 ( ditto for amd64|armel|armhf|i386 )

I expected to get the available directory/file listing but I get the 404.

Which you normally get on other repositories. e.g. Index of /merged/dists

Is there a source or listing of the available .deb packages available? Which includes testing, current and older versions?



The web server doesn’t have indexes enabled, but you can look at the Packages file:

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When I want to look at available versions for a given package on a mirror, another method to get an overview quickly is by running

apt-cache madison <package name>

This will search the local package lists (so make sure you’re apt update'd) for all versions of the given package (and print the mirrors on which that version was found, if multiple are configured).

Note that

Unlike the original madison, it can only display information for the architecture for which APT has retrieved package lists (APT::Architecture).

(Actually downloading the .deb then still requires to either manually craft the URL or by reading it from the Packages file - or tell apt to install it for you :grinning:)

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