Access Syncthing Portal on CentOS

I have installed Syncthing over the server followed this article

the output of the port is listen status [SieraAdmin@thirsty-diffie ~]$ netstat -antp |grep 8384 (Not all processes could be identified, non-owned process info will not be shown, you would have to be root to see it all.) tcp 0 0* LISTEN 29102/./syncthing

But when I try to access by the local IP of the vm it won’t access e.g.

I have configured the port allowance from the Plesk and set source IP to any *

even though it won’t work

Can you help me to troubleshoot this?

Please check the FAQ, the changes that need to be done syncthing side are covered there.

There’s a typo in your post: Once the port is 8483 and once 8384. I assume that’s just in the post here, not when you actually try it out.

You said typo, first lines is like copied from the Shell CLI and the rest I have tried to remember the port, I will update the post, check it out

Could you guide me through direct link?

Look at your netstat output, it says “”. Then you write:

Do you see the difference? That’s what I meant. is localhost only, so you first need to tell syncthing to listen on all interfaces.

The link to the FAQ:

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