A Unique Permissions Issue

Because I don’t want other users on my system browsing my home directory, I set its read bit to 0:

drwxr-x--x 21 greg greg 4096 May 22 19:02 /home/greg

But now when I try to sync a subdirectory, I get the red “Out Of Sync” in the GUI, and the reason given is “permission denied.”

The reason I find this surprising is that I run syncthing as greg:

greg@snapdragoniii:~$ ps aux | grep syncthing
greg      746954  0.0  0.5 1316380 30240 ?       Sl   May22   0:01 syncthing
greg      747090  0.3  1.8 1607468 104020 ?      SNl  May22   1:13 syncthing

Shouldn’t it be able to access those subdirectories? (All the subdirectories are drwxr-xr-x)

Certainly it should. I think something else is going on. (If it couldn’t, it wouldn’t be able to get at the config, keys, and database, which are all presumably in your home directory as well.)

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