A noob has some problems.

Hey ! First, sorry for my language…

I’m really new in the Linux World and really really new in Syncthing world.

I want to use it to synchronise through my local network my desktop computer and my laptop. Only one folder.

I managed to make it works, even after some reboots…but it doesn’t work anymore, I don’t know why.

The two PC aren’t recognized (Coline_Laptop is Disconnected and Coline_Desktop is disconnected…)…

I use multiple sessions on this PC (for my family). I’ve noticed that if I change the user (letting Coline active), it doesn’t work.

I’m running Debian 7.

How can I uninstall Syncthing ? Just deleting the folder ? I don’t think I’m able to make it work in a stable way.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Yes, if you downloaded Syncthing online then all you have to do is delete the folder and run skill syncthing in Terminal just to be sure.

Sorry I can’t help more, I’m new today as well :confused: