A Button to remove all data in all .stversions of a device?


would it be a good & handy idea to add a button to the “This Device” section, which, when clicked in the WebGUI, will remove all the versioned data out of the .stverions folders ?


The configured File Versioning for each of my folders are effectual, but sometimes, I encounter very less diskspace on some devices (because of other software writting to the disks too, etc.).

I then log onto the machine (VNC, console, etc.) and start a simple shell-script, which dumbly removes the .stversions folders to get more diskspace.

(But each new syncthing-folder must set up into those scripts, which is a little inconvenient to keep the scripts updated for all devices on different plattforms)

I wonder, if it would be usefull for other users too, to just quickly delete the “Trash” via the syncthing WebGUI?

(I’m not talking to remove the “Trash” for remote devices, just for the local device which I’m being logged in to via the WebGUI. Maybe it could be usefull to to delete the remotes devices “Trash” too, but only after set a trustworthy switch in the advanced settings.)

Why not change the versioning settings so old versions aren’t kept for as long?


Which means they suit the needs of the ppl. using it,

and changing 20 folders on several devices is not what I want.

I also know, that I could buy new harddrives, but thats not the point.

The point is, if this idea might be as useful for others as for me, :slight_smile: because deleting all the versioning files at once could be very convenient. could be.