72,084 items out of sync, but nothing is transfering


I have been trying to sync folders between two macOS devices on the same network. One device shows 72,084 items out of sync (in three different folders), but there is nothing transferring. I do not see any errors, just no traffic. The other device shows 56,129 items out of sync.

This was started as a clean transfer just a few days ago. The folders I have compared seem to be identical in size and number of files.

Is there a way to figure out why it thinks there are items out of sync and correct it?

Thank you!

You should check the other device if the out if sync items are not on the current device.

I decided to remove the folders from the backup computer and add them back one by one. I am not sure why, but it did the trick. Now everything is sync’d and working.

Thank you.

I had the same problem yesterday, after syncing many gigabytes to a freshly setup device, linked to several others. Starting Syncthing with the --reset-deltas option once on the device showing incomplete sync status actually fixed things very easily. Just had to wait for complete fresh index exchanges with all linked devices.

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