5Tb deleted, Need to investigate logs!

Hello, How you are well.

Due to some bizarre syncing error 5Tb of data were deleted from my file/media server

I need to investigate all software that had had access to this share.

Are there any sync logs that I can access from Syncthing?

Syncthing on Android and Windows 11, no debug logging enabled.

Where in the file systems are the sync logs kept?

Thank you

If you open the web UI, go to the About screen and then the Paths tab it will tell you where the log file is, if there is one. Without -verbose, -audit or any debug options it’s unfortunately not likely to tell you much.

I have been having similar problems which are most likely down to some interaction between Syncthing and Android.

I have a large knowledgebase (16000+text files) which I sync between multiple systems, Linux & windows and a couple of older Androids (9 and earlier). I set up a new Android 13 system with that directory set to receive-only. At some point I recall a message saying something about Android making it read only, and the receive-only in Syncthing got flipped to send-only with a local state of 0 files. It then went about propagating this state to the other systems. Fortunately I spotted it early and was able to disconnect it from the network (and delete the syncthing config for that folder on the android system), then recovered the full state from a machine that was offline when the damage happened.

I have had that ‘flip to read only’ twice now on that android system and am very wary about re-enabling sync on that directory.

The directory is physically internal on the Android device, NOT on an SD card. Android shows it as /storage/emulated/0/wiki

I am keen to find out what is going on. There is nothing in the Log File section of the Paths tab. How do I enable logging on Android?

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