2 devices always occure again after deletion

I see 2 devices L5UWOD and XEBHMR. Every time I delete them (and also the entries with the same names in the shares), they come back like flies :wink: Also a restart of syncthing does not help.

(These devices don’t actually belong to my 5 devices but it may be, that they are the names of former devices which I had set up again.)

The problem is at least in 0.11.2 and 0.11.3 “reproducable”.

What can I do to get rid of them?

Need more info. I’m guessing:

  1. These “former” devices are on more than 1 of your 5 devices and every time you delete them they come back because you have introducer flag set.
  2. You have broken config file.

Solution to 1. is stop syncthing on all your devices, than one by one start syncthing, delete devices, stop syncthing and only after that start all your devices again. If this is not the case, you would have to post your config here (delete sensitive info) and wait for some dev to look at it.

Or maybe I’m complete wrong and there is third option…

Are they added on another device that your device trusts as an introducer, maybe?

@chucic I had chosen 1, and that solved the problem. Thanks!

@calmh Yes, I have set the introducer on all my devices (because I’m the only user of them).

Alter clicking to dead ;-), the problem is solved for me, but why did the “old” devices appear? They did not exist anymore (in the user-interface). When I delete a device or do not see it in the user-interface I expect that the device does not exist anymore. This seems to me as a “hare-hedgehog”-Problem. If I delete a device on computer A it may be that syncthng has already invited other computers. The more connected computers one has, the greater the problem. As an user I miss a button “delete this device on all my devices” (which also looks, if there are files somewhere left behind).

What do you think about this thoughts?

Device “old C” “exist” as a device ID in config of devices A and B. When you delete device “old C” on device A, (after restart) there is a handshake between A and B, in which info about all devices sharing folders (which A share with B) with B is also sent. In this info there is “old C”, because it is still in B’s config. If you have set B as introducer on A, “old C” will be added in device list of A without asking. So to solve this you have to:

  1. Unset introducer in all devices in device lists on all devices, delete old devices on all devices and set introducer in all devices in device lists on all devices.
  2. Stop all devices, delete old devices on all devices one by one, start all devices.

First approach is clearly more expensive, so I wrote steps to approach 2.

I agree. I have 6 devices on 2 locations and it is quite challenge to get online all at once so I could use approach 2. So I’m also missing such button or mechanism to deal with this situation. Maybe there is some trick that I haven’t figured out yet, @calmh?

Have at the moment the same problem that a device shows up again and again after deleting. Have I understood that correctly? I have to turn off all Syncthing programs on all PC/Android except one, and then delete the old device on this one? Then, proceed the same way with all devices like with the first one?

Or disable introducer for all nodes on all nodes, remove it from all nodes, and re-enable it.