.11 update and syncthing-android

I was wondering if the .11 release would be timed with syncthing-android so as not to break compatibility between the two? I do a lot of syncing between my phone and computer. Should I be worried there might be some period of time between when the two are both on .11 or should I disable auto updates in the near future?

First of all, v0.10.x will not auto update to v0.11, so this needs to be a manual decision. I would expect a v0.11-speaking Android release quite soon after v0.11.0 exists, although I’m not sure how the auto updating or lack of it works in that space…

I’d imagine it would automatically update via the Play Store and people wouldn’t normally want to disable updates for all of their apps, I don’t think you can do this on a per app basis… Not sure as I’ve never tried. Definitely one for @Nutomic to confirm whether there will be a release in-line with Syncthing or if he decides to release a beta on the side as a separate app running .11

We’ll have 0.6 pretty soon, although I can’t really give an estimate. And I definitely want to do a beta release first, because there are some major changes.

On F-Droid, updates are manually anyway, and on Google Play, you can disable them.

But am I right in thinking you cannot do this on a per app basis on Google Play?

I know you can request a new permission which will trigger a manual update…

Yes you can, go to syncthing and click on the triple dot button (top right corner).

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