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Hello, I am using your software for few months now and I really love how fast it work. Now, I was wondering how the sync work when it does sync with 2 computer not on the same network (via the internet). The reason for that is that I cannot allow my files to sync outside of my cloud. I have a VPN setup to be able to do that but I would like to know if you software would work that way. Meaning that my 2nd computer outside of my LAN would connect to the VPN and the software would see the 1st computer now since it would be on the VPN(same network).

Thank you.

Syncthing communication is always encrypted. I’m not sure what you’re asking exactly, but there’s probably a hundred threads here on the forum about various aspects of non-internet-connected setups, you could look around.


does the sync pass by syncthing.net or other hosting provider when we do internet sync ?

does it goes to any cloud ?



No, and that is one of the great features of Syncthing. I like to call it point-to-point cloud. It is not a cloud. Unless you build your own. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have drawn a picture of the computers you have described:

And welcome to the Syncthing forum! :+1:

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