1.4.0-19 not running on my synology

My synology is running extremely low on space (perhaps this is the root issue). There’s around 200gb of space left on a 20tb array.

I noticed syncthing wasn’t running so I updated to 1.4.0-19. Syncthing still won’t start. While that seems like plenty of space but maybe it’s not and causing issues! Anyone experience this or have any suggestions? I’ve got a DS418play running DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2. Looking forward to getting ST working again. ST been incredibly reliable for > year. Also if there are logs worth looking at and you know where to find them on a synology I’d appreciate being pointed at the,. Thanks!

Did you check the logs?

There can be several reasons for this. It appears that you have installed the SynoCommunity package. The DS418play has the Apollolake platform and this platform is still supported for the v1.4.0-19, but no longer for the v1.7.1-20:


It seems that you already have v1.7.1-20 internally, but the basis is v1.4.0-19 and this is one of the basic disadvantages of that package concept. Therefore I strongly recommend installing the Syncthing package, because updates always update the entire package:

With that package, also your platform is supported:

Maybe you give some details about that all.

@calmh if it’s about the SynoCommunity package, that doesn’t configure a log file by default so checking becomes hard when the GUI is not working.

Regarding internal vs. SPK version upgrades: Your Syncthing had probably updated to something very recent internally. So “updating” to v1.4.0 over that was actually a downgrade. That’s the problem I have been trying to work against in the SynoCommunity project. It should be way less destructive with the current v1.7.1 package where Syncthing checks for an update before bailing out on the unexpected database “from the future”.

Why your Synology DSM did not offer the upgrade to v1.7.1-20 directly (published last week) is beyond my knowledge. You can try to download a matching SPK manually after looking up your platform in the their Wiki. Sorry I can’t point you to it directly, currently traveling.

I’m not involved here.

Sorry that should have been @AudriusButkevicius regarding his comment.

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@fido You could try the “x64” build contained here: https://github.com/SynoCommunity/spksrc/suites/969847458/artifacts/12291313

Apparently all packages in the x86_64 CPU family did not get published correctly, although the build was successful.

Of course switching to the Kastelo SPK version is also an option, if you don’t mind adding another package source. Unfortunately the configuration data is not shared between the two, but could of course be migrated manually.