0 files synced


I have installed 2 computers, one Windows 10 and one Macbook pro. In both of them I shared one folder. The computers can see each other, the status in Remote Devices is ‘Up to date’ on both. The Folders are ‘Up to date’ as well, but no one single file was synced. Log Windows.txt (4.6 KB) I also attache the log from windows. Can you please advise me what is wrong? Thanks, Tibinet.

Are the folder IDs the same on both devices? If that doesn’t solve your problem, please post a screenshot from both sides with the folder in question expanded.

Please find the screenshots of one folder from Mac and Win attached.


It shows a last scan time, no errors and no files found -> you have no files at that path.

The path on your Windows machine seems to be wrong.

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