0.14.7 "refined" dark theme is really bad

Can’t say I liked the new low-contrast look on dark theme either, but as I was already using Stylish to make the GUI a bit more compact (with CSS), it was super easy to change.

Any ideas on syncing a theme to my other devices? Since they’re just linked devices without a specified “owner”, I guess it would have to be tied to a shared folder somehow.

I usually always use dark themes when available, but from some time the designers mistake dark for low contrast. Have a look at dd-wrt dark themes : really not made for day to day use. ST one although is better. Maybe this low contrast fashion has something to do with security concerns ?

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The old dark theme is now back as black theme, see v0.14.10 release notes.


Thanks for the black theme - now I know it wasn’t my eyesight deteriorating when the dark theme went grey.:sunglasses:

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And much appreciated.

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Thanks for making dark back :heart_eyes: