0.14.40 - Gui display bug with device address ?

FORGET IT. The remote was using “default”. Sorry for the noise.

So I have those 2 sites behind double NAT with port forwards. They replicate under tcp:// (I want to leave 22000 available for others).

On one of the instances, the remote device address presented is the public IP of the local site. If I restart that instance, the remote device is listed with kcp:// (leftovers from yesterdays’ attempts I suppose) and tcp:// addresses, and these adresses are the good ones, i.e. the public IP of the remote site.

Then after a while the GUI updates and shows the wrong IP.

I thought it might be a case of “connecting to myself” due to some NAT wierdness, but I added a file on the remote site, and it was synched normally. So I understand this is a display bug?

Not very important, but showing the wrong address doesn’t help clarify things :wink:

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