0.14.26 device doesn't connect to 0.14.27

Hi all,

I’ve started testing Syncthing 0.14.26 a few days ago and so far my experience has been pretty good, apart from Android version (re)connection annoyances.

At work, I have Syncthing running under SyncTrayzor on my Win10 machine and I’m running Syncthing on my Android phone. This morning, I noticed that SyncTrayzor has upgraded Syncthing to 0.14.27 and my phone is not connecting any more. I’ve tried all the usual Android remedies (restarting Syncthing, killing the process and restarting it), but the devices just won’t connect.

I have global discovery and relaying turned off on both of my devices. Each device shows 1/1 listeners and 2/2 discovery.

I have tried turning on global discovery, the only thing that’s changed was that the devices see more discovery servers (4/8)

I’m happy to do some debug logging, I just need some help with options :slight_smile:

Thank you, Marko

I’m using 0.14.27 (actually 0.14.28-rc1 now) on my “server” and 0.14.26 on my Android device and haven’t had any connection issues.

Your problem has to be somewhere else. Did you change the listening address or the remote addresses for some reason?

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There were no changes in configuration since yesterday…

Funnily enough, 5 minutes after reading your comment, I checked again and my phone had connected…

When I got home, my phone connected to my laptop and RPi3 without problems (after having restarted Syncthing on the phone, but that’s the usual behaviour I’m still trying to reliably replicate before complaining :slight_smile:

I’ll chalk it up to our flaky office WiFi…

Thank you, Marko