[0.11] What is the new "External File Versioning"?

Noticed on the 0.11.0-rc0 syncthing’s Web GUI a new file versioning method:

How does it work ?

Also noticed that syncthing-gtk doesn’t show it:

Did you actually read the description on the page?

Did you actually see the screenshot I pasted ? As it shows, I hadn’t selected it, so I couldn’t have seen the description. I selected it now, and could see it.

maybe you should select it first then to see for yourself before asking :wink:

I have been always using No File Versioning, so I didn’t know that selecting any of the other file versioning methods showed detailed descriptions. Now I do. Still, I believe that my ignorance was no excuse or justification for unpoliteness.

I wasn’t trying to be impolite, I was trying to point out that each type has a description which answers your question.

I thank you for the explanation.


My first inclination was not to click the radio button. That’s how I landed on this page.

May I suggest that you do a angular-ui popover that shows on hover? Or even a more explicit fa-question-circle to indicate that users should hover to get more information.

Thanks for the cool product!

- Ross

a PR is welcome

Now that we have a nice docs site, I indent to start sprinkle [Help] and [Tell me more!] links in useful places in the GUI. Best way to help out is to ensure that information exists and is up to date - go improve the docs for your favorite feature! :wink: Currently, for example the external versioning isn’t even documented there. :confused: One or two example scripts for Unixoids and Windows wouldn’t hurt either.

(I’ll probably be a bit harder about accepting new features from now on, requiring documentation to also be in place. It’s part of maintaining it…)

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I added some rudimentary docs and an example for Linux/Mac/etc. Someone who’s got it to work on Windows is more than welcome to chime in with a relevant example there. :wink: