Release This category holds release notes for major releases. Talks This category is for talks and videos, like the Syncthing Periodic. Pre-release This is for release notes and discussion of beta or candidate releases. In this category, <em>pinned</em> topics are usually betas that it would be really nice if you tested right now. <em>Closed</em> topics are for old stuff that you should avoid, or that at least has no testing value any more.
Syncthing v1.0.1 (plus discovery & relay servers) [Release] (3)
Syncthing v1.0.0 [Release] (6)
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Syncthing v0.14.50-rc.1 [Pre-release] (4)
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More Architectures [Release] (4)
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v0.14.48 release candidate with large block size [Pre-release] (12)
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Latest Android Release Rejected by Google Play [Announce] (9)
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New Android app "Syncthing Lite" [Announce] (10)
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Syncthing v0.14.42 :christmas_tree: [Release] (2)
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Syncthing v0.14.40 [Release] (4)
Syncthing v0.14.39 [Release] (5)
Syncthing v0.14.38 (includes a relay server release) [Release] (3)
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Syncthing v0.14.34^H^H35 [Release] (5)
Security Notice for v0.14.34 [Announce] (6)
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Syncthing v0.14.32 [Release] (2)